Passport Index Mobile App

The wait is over. You can now download the phenomenal Passport Index Mobile App to unleash your travel freedom and enable your global mobility.


Passport Index Mobile App benefits:

  • Highly personal global mobility experience at your fingertips
  • Add your passport(s) and discover your Global Mobility Score
  • See which of your passports is best for your destination
  • Calculate the number and length of your trips
  • Keep a log of your destinations and the portion of the world traveled
  • Compare passports and their visa requirements
  • Use our smart scan (passport cover only) to instantly get details on a particular passport, or to add one to your profile
  • Discover passports and learn interesting facts
  • Save a backup of your passports for future reference securely on your phone (optional)
  • Add a calendar reminder for the expiration date and you’ll never forget to renew on time (optional)
  • Enjoy offline use when connectivity is not available.


Passport Index Mobile App

Privacy & Security

We take privacy very seriously. Your passport data is stored only on your phone (and your iCloud account, if applicable) and is never transmitted. You are in control.


You can download the Passport Index Mobile App for iOS from Apple’s App Store. It is available globally and best used on iPhone X and up. We hope you’ll love it.

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