UAE Passport Grants Citizens Access to 90% of the World

Emiratis celebrate one year of travelling with the most powerful passport in the world.  

Dubai, UAE, Dec 1, 2019 – The UAE passport continues to lead with the most powerful in the world; as measured by the Passport Index, the leading real-time mobility intelligence platform. With a Mobility Score of 178, Emiratis now enjoy visa-free or visa on arrival to 90% of the world. 

It has been a year since the UAE took the reigns as the most powerful passport, with a then record-breaking Mobility Score of 167. Over the last 12 months, the UAE has obtained friendlier visa requirements from Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Namibia, South Africa, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, South Sudan, Suriname, and Uzbekistan to name a few. 

Getting first place was hard, but keeping it was going to be harder,” shared Armand Arton, founder and president of Arton Capital. “Not only did the UAE passport remain at the very top, but they even managed to significantly increase their lead,” added Arton.  

Currently in the Top 3 following the UAE are Germany, Finland, Luxembourg and Spain in second place with a Mobility Score of 171, and Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Ireland, and USA sharing third place with a Mobility Score of 170.  

Increasingly, countries are recognizing the value and power of passports which represent more than just identity, but rather a vital tool that influences global opportunity, mobility and quality of life. 

Gearing up to the Expo 2020, the UAE can now set a new goal to become the most welcoming country in the world as well. Dubbed ‘The World’s Greatest Show’, the Expo 2020 in Dubai will open its doors to host the Expo for 6 months— celebrating culture, collaboration and innovation, and aiming to leave a meaningful and lasting legacy.  

As the UAE became the first Arab country to lead the passport power ranking, it is also the first to host an Expo in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. With already 190 participating countries having confirmed their presence, the Expo 2020 in Dubai is expected to challenge all attendance records. 

Head to Dubai from October 20, 2020 to April 20, 2021 and become part of history.  

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