The UAE Passport Power Reaches Unprecedented Heights

As the negotiated visa waiver between South Africa and the UAE comes into force today, the UAE will grant its Emirati citizens access to nearly 90% of the world.

With a new mobility score of 176, the UAE passport allows visa-free mobility to 116 countries, and visa-on-arrival to 60 countries.

According to the Passport Index, “a Mobility Score of 176 represents over 88% of the countries in the Index, which is something unprecedented,” said Armand Arton Founder and President of Arton Capital.

The UAE passport has seen significant growth, bringing its passport’s Mobility Score from 122 in 2015, up to 176 today. This inspiring trajectory has motivated many other countries to follow suit and discover the power of granting increased mobility to their citizens.

In line with the UAE’s mission to celebrate international collaboration and cooperation, the EXPO 2020 will welcome 190 participating countries and millions of visitors from across the globe to Dubai for six months. Aspiring to create a meaningful legacy for the generations to come, both locally and globally, the UAE continues its pursuit to lead the movement of global unity, opportunity, and innovation.

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