Passport Index Mobile App Comes to Android

Passport Index is now accessible on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, and its award-winning web portal.

The Passport Index is the world’s most popular platform to explore and rank passports. Following the incredible success and acclaim for its iOS mobile app — the unmatched passport experience is now available on Android devices.

Now anyone can access real-time ranking and intelligent travel, right at their fingertips!

From exploring passport designs, sorting them by country, region and even by colour, to comparing passports side by side and improving Global Mobility Scores through additional passports — the Passport Index mobile app brings the best of the fascinating world of passports in one stunning mobile application.

But the most exciting feature of all? Store a picture of your passport safely within the application! Accessible and visible only to you. Whether you need information for quick bookings, or peace of mind during foreign travel, you can finally safely and securely backup a passport copy for future reference and discover the latest news on updated regulations and upcoming changes, all on-the-go.

At Passport Index we believe that privacy is at the foundation of trust. As in the iOS application, Passport Index ensures complete data privacy and security and follows a strict practice to protect the personal information by storing its data within the device, which under no circumstance will ever be transmitted, shared or sold.

“As we are slowly recovering from COVID-19, people will start travelling again. Now both iOS and Android users will have native access to this intuitive and engaging technology,” shares Armand Arton, Founder and President of Arton Capital. “We are excited to offer everyone and anyone from anywhere across the globe, access real-time data to make travel a better experience.”


Key highlights:

  • Highly personal global mobility experience at your fingertips
  • Manage travel on multiple passports and see which one is best for your destination
  • Securely backup your passport(s) in case of loss, theft or damage by storing data on device only
  • Add a calendar reminder for the expiration date of your passport and never forget to renew on time again
  • Use smart scan to instantly recognize a passport by just pointing your camera on the cover
  • Consult the latest visa requirements and discover your Global Mobility Score
  • Keep track of the number, length and destinations of your trips. See the percent of the world covered
  • Explore, compare and rank passports of the world
  • Enjoy offline use when connectivity is not available.



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