Passport Index Launches Mobile App in Davos

Innovative platform experience now accessible at your fingertips.

Passport Index unveils a new mobile app to revolutionize access and personalize consumption of mobility intelligence. Announced at the Global Citizen Forum Lounge in Davos, this new tool promises to enable travellers from across the world to travel more, and travel smarter.

Invented by Arton Capital, the Passport Index has become the preferred online interactive platform that delivers global mobility intelligence in real time.

Apart from having all the passports of the world in your pocket, the Passport Index Mobile App also brings all related visa requirements at your fingertips. It enables smarter travel and empowers globetrotters with highly personal global mobility intelligence served in real-time through a stunning interface.

The world is more mobile than ever before

Whether you’re looking for the next adventure or to keep track of all your trips around the globe, the Passport Index Mobile App brings utility and discovery with a truly personalized experience.

The app was intuitively crafted for the Global Citizen with multiple passports. Overcoming the hassle of having to verify multiple sources for visa requirements before each trip, the app is a one-stop data source with all the information needed to ensure seamless travel.

“Frictionless global mobility is a key economic and social catalyst,” shared Armand Arton, President of Arton Capital.

The app invites users to keep track of the time spent in every destination with each according passport and allows to securely save a backup of each passport on the phone for future reference.

Arton, who travels to over 25 countries in a single year and has multiple passports, says the app was created out of his personal need to streamline and facilitate the travel process.

“All innovations and great things come out of our necessity,” confided Arton. “Back in 2015 we invented the Passport Index, and today we have a chance to do it again with this exciting new app.”

About the Passport Index

Empowered by Arton Capital, the Passport Index has become the world’s most popular global mobility intelligence platform providing interactive travel requirements and the ability to compare, rank and improve passports based on their mobility scores.

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