Who’d Ever Think of Visiting Benin?

We know, neither did we, until…

Located in West Africa, the French-speaking nation of Benin is actually known to have one of Africa’s most safe and stable political and economic positions. Home to the creation of Voodoo, and a variety of rich and complex history, Benin also prides itself to have one of West Africa’s best wildlife parks. Whether you want to enjoy the nation’s sunny coast, or take an adventure in the wild, Benin is a unique destination for any global trotter.

And that’s not the best part!

As of March 15th, Benin will open its doors to international tourists, and begin issuing a Visa on Arrival for every travelling passenger, which will be valid for 8 days.

In relation to Passport Index, this recent change will add +1 to every country outside of Africa, which already benefitted from a VOA. Passport Index is the only real-time ranking tool that takes into account the nature of the requirements needed prior to travel, in order to be as accurate and consistent as possible.

That is why it is also important to note that nationals of Afghanistan, Colombia, Eritrea, Iraq, Mauritania, Pakistan, Philippines, SriLanka, Sudan and Syria must obtain approval to board (OK to board) from the Airport Police or Director of Immigration of Benin prior to travel.

What do you think- should we add Benin to our travel list?

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