Singapore Gives Germany a Run for Its Money

Effective April 16, 2017, Singapore is tied with Germany for first place in the Global Passport Power Rank 2017.

Ukraine has extended visa-on-arrival travel to passport holders of Singapore for periods of 15 days, increasing Singapore’s total visa-free score to 159 from 158, effectively making Singapore’s passport as powerful as Germany’s.

Singapore and Ukraine have had ongoing diplomatic relations since 1992. For its part, Ukraine will be opening up its borders to the citizens of several more countries, perhaps in anticipation of its potential visa-free waiver with the rest of the EU.

In the individual ranking, Germany still holds first place. The Passport Index visa-free free score consists of a score for visa-free travel and a score for visa-on-arrival, with visa-free travel weighing more. Germany’s score of 159 comprises a visa-free score of 125 and a visa-on-arrival score of 34, while Singapore’s 159 comprises a visa-free score of 122 and a visa-on-arrival score of 37.

Singaporeans can rejoice that their passport offers them first-class global mobility.

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