Singapore’s Passport Breaks a New Record as it Climbs Back to The Top

Angola helps push Singapore’s passport to stardom!

Angola has granted visa-free access to five countries, including Botswana, Mauritius, Seychelles, Zimbabwe, and most importantly Singapore. This recent change granted Singapore a record breaking Visa-Free Score of 164, promoting it to conquer The Passport Index, as the only nation ranking at the #1 spot.

Singapore saw “Most Powerful Passport In The World” in October of last year when Paraguay helped the nation overtake Germany for the top spot. In February, South Korea was prompted up to tie with Singapore in the #1 spot, but was short lived. Following Angola’s recent changes, South Korea moves down to 2nd place with a score of 163, and both Germany and Japan are tied in 3rd place with a score of 161.

Singapore has been at the center of the international spotlight for quite some time. Between its innovative architecture, commendable nature reserves, renowned culinary excellence, and constantly evolving cultural experiences, Singapore has become a nation known to lead the world in many more ways than one. Holding the most powerful passport with a record-breaking score, is simply the cherry on top of the cake!

Angola may look up to Singapore’s inspiring rise to fame

The South African nation is rich in natural resources, arts and music, lush tropical landscapes, and has a particularly fascinating history as a Portuguese conquest territory. In order to promote facilitated travel to the nation, the Angolan Foreign Ministry announced a new regulation which establishes “procedures for simplifying administrative acts to grant tourist visas” to citizens of 35 countries, including all European Union countries, Norway, United Kingdom, Iceland, Monaco, Russia, Switzerland, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cuba, the United States, Venezuela, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, Morocco, Swaziland, Algeria, Zambia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

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