Passport-Free Travel Between Canada and Netherlands in 2020

Forgot your passport at home? Not a problem—you don’t need it if you’re travelling between Canada and the Netherlands! You read that right.

Through the implementation of biometric technology, people will be able to travel between the two countries strictly using their physical appearance as a form of identification.

The project was launched on June 26in in Montreal by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the governments of Canada and the Netherlands, as well as several industry partners including border authorities, airports, technology providers and airlines.

The project will use Known Traveler Digital Identity (KTDI) as a platform to identify personal information by linking back to government-issued documents. The first global collaboration of its kind, KTDI enables more secure and more seamless travel that benefits both travellers and the travel industry.

KTDI enables consortium partners to access verifiable claims of a traveler’s identity data so they can assess their credibility, optimize passenger processing and reduce risk. The system also allows individuals to manage their own profile and collect digital ‘attestations’ of their personal data, deciding what data to share and when.

The more attestations a traveler accumulates, and shares, the better consortium partners, governments and other parties can provide a smooth and safe travel experience.

The pilot project is still in the testing phase but is expected to be rolled out at Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Toronto’s Pearson international airports by early 2020.

The estimate is that by 2030, international travel could rise to 1.8 billion passengers — up 50 per cent from 2016.

“With current systems, airports cannot keep up,” said Christoph Wolff, Head of mobility at the World Economic Forum. “This project offers a solution. By using interoperable digital identities, passengers benefit from a holistic system for secure and seamless travel. It will shape the future of aviation and security.”

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