Nigerian E-Visa to Improve Migration and Transparency

The Nigeria Immigration Service has adopted a web-based portal for processing of Visa-On-Arrival applications in effect from May 13, 2019.

Nigeria’s new online-based platform enables visitors to apply, pay and receive approval for a visa to enter Nigeria without having to speak with a consular officer. The process is not only key to enhancing both security and convenience but also to facilitate arrival processes, minimize airport congestion and curb visa overstays.

Additionally, the new system will offer a hassle-free process to the many high caliber foreign nationals who wish to invest in the country, as well as for tourists. The e-Visa system provides a means of avoiding obscure procedures that have long frustrated visitors who initially had to forward their visa applications via email or hard copy to the Comptroller General and wait for approval.

With the new system, visitors can fill out the online application and complete the payment 2-3 days before arriving to Nigeria. Upon arrival, all they need to do is present their approval letter, passport, evidence of payment, and evidence of accommodation in Nigeria.

The introduction of this more convenient visa application process is expected to stimulate both tourist and business travels and is available to citizens of all countries except ECOWAS Nationals who do not require visa to visit Nigeria.

The change in Nigeria’s visa system will massively increase the country’s Welcoming Rank raising it from 85th place, up to 1st place, and will also consequently add +1 to the power rank for every single country!

What do you think of Nigeria adopting this new online visa system? Does it make you more inclined to visit?

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