The past month has seen some very interesting visa agreement updates around the world. Below, we highlight the most interesting ones.

Effective June 1, 2017, citizens of China and Barbados may travel visa-free to each other’s countries. Barbados is only the 10th country worldwide to have a reciprocal visa agreement with China. The move is meant to boost tourism to Barbados and also increases China’s visa-free score to 57 from 56, and Barbados’ visa-free score to 135 from 134.

In addition, North Korea has ceased its visa-free agreement with Ecuador, meaning North Koreans will now need a visa to travel there. This decreases the country’s visa-free core to 38 from 39.

And as seen in the table below, Mauritius and Uruguay are opening up their borders to more countries. See the Passport Index Openness Ranking to learn more. One-way visa waivers are typically a show of goodwill. Of course, easier traveling opportunities can increase tourism to a country, which is perhaps what Mauritius and Uruguay are hoping for.

The Passport Index is the only real-time resource for visa-free scores and rankings.

North Korea Ecuador
China Barbados
United Arab Emirates Argentina
United Arab Emirates Moldova
Peru Serbia
Kazakhstan United Arab Emirates
Vietnam Mauritius
Taiwan Mauritius
Indonesia Mauritius
Belarus Argentina
Venezuela Panama
Saint Kitts & Nevis Uruguay
Dominica Uruguay
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Uruguay
Grenada Uruguay
Chile Guyana
Qatar Armenia

*The above arrows indicate which way the visa waiver works. For example, North Koreans can no longer visit Ecuador visa-free. Citizens of China and Barbados can visit each other’s countries visa-free. And citizens of the UAE can now visit Argentina visa-free.

  • freevisa4IDN

    With regards to Ukraine, isn’t Indonesia also eligible for the newly revised visa-on-arrival facility?
    Azerbaijan has also provided Indonesian citizens with visa-on-arrival facility which seems not have been updated yet on the list.

  • Monica Garzaro Scott

    I have a Guatemalan passport, over the years it has lost value. But nowadays, the top of it, is that we have extended passports. Recently I tried to travel to South Africa, we requested visa at Consulate of South Africa in Mexico and they granted us visas, but SAA in Sao Paulo Brazil did not allow us to travel due to the fact that SA government does not accept extended passport!! Sad experience.

    • Khalil Kharwa

      I am a South african and sorry to hear about your experience
      I think the SAA did not know the requirements.
      Please contact me via email kkharwa at gmail dot com