Brazil Opens Its Borders

Effective June 17, tourists from the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia will no longer need a visa to visit Brazil.

If you remember our previous post back in March, Brazil has implemented a series of changes over the past few years that have been aimed at increasing the number of tourists visiting the country. And that includes offering visa waivers to the citizens of US, Canada, Japan, and Australia. Travellers with a valid passport from these countries will be able to explore Brazil for up to 90 days, with the possibility of extending their stay to up to 180 days.

Always wanted to visit Rio during Carnival, or adventure off to Iguaçu Falls? Now you can, without having to worry about a tedious visa process! And you’re not the only one excited about the news!

According to CNN Travel, ever since the announcement, Brazil has already seen increased travel interest from tourists in those four countries. In March, searches for flights from Australia to Brazil were up by 36% from the previous year. Americans experienced a similar search boom, with a 31% increase in search for flights following the news.

Although Brazil is the most popular destination in Latin America, the country currently ranks in 46th place, sharing the rank with Colombia, on the Global Welcoming Score, allowing only 98 countries to enter without a visa. 

In the past year, airlines around the world have launched additional routes to various cities in Brazil. In November 2018, Brazil’s largest airline, GOL, launched new direct routes from Brazil to Miami and Orlando. Virgin Atlantic and Norwegian Air also announced new direct flights from London to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, respectively.

Whether you’re Canadian, American, Japanese, or Australian— a seamless travel to Brazil is officially within your reach. The question is, when will you take it?

Let us know below if you’re planning on visiting the beautiful South American country soon, and what you’re looking forward to most!

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