The Royal Global Citizen 2.0

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes dual-nationality-global-citizen-baby boy in a royal baby carriage.

It’s a boy! Or more accurately, it’s the seventh-in-line to the British throne and Queen Elizabeth II’s eighth great-grandchild, who is also the first multi-racial British royal in centuries. And unlike the usual, “What’s his name?”, we’re more curious to find out what Harry and Meghan will decide in terms of passports for their royal American/British newborn. 

We’ve already covered how the former “Suits” actress is currently in the process of becoming a UK citizen, but the process itself could take several years and it is still unclear whether she would retain dual nationality or renounce her US citizenship.  

But what about Baby Sussex?

According to the US Department of State, the offspring of an American can acquire US citizenship, as long as their parent lived in America for a minimum five-year period prior to the birth of the child overseasMeghan, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, easily meets these requirements. 

“The royal baby is automatically a dual citizen by virtue of his or her birth in the UK to a British and American parent,” replied Davidson Morris, a spokesperson for leading UK immigration law firm. “US immigration law doesn’t require the child of a US citizen and non-citizen, to be born in the US for the child to acquire US citizenship.” 

Although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ child wouldn’t be the first member of the royal family with dual citizenship, it would certainly be the first royal offspring with dual US-UK citizenship. 

In addition to her matrimonial fairytale, Meghan will also benefit from a higher global mobility score than her own Prince, once she acquires her UK passport! Talk about the royal treatment!

Using The Passport Index Improve tool, we can see that with Meghan’s added UK passport, she will be able to join Harry on trips down to Brazil and Venezuela without applying for a visa! Unfortunately, Harry, who solely holds a United Kingdom passport, will have to apply for a visa if ever the pair and their child decided to travel to Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, or Mongolia.  

Together, the UK passport and US passport provide dual nationals a 168 Global Mobility Score. And although that means Meghan and her royal baby can access 87% of the world—visa-free, it still doesn’t beat the single highest-ranking passport: UAE with a whopping 170 Global Mobility Score! 


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