Planet of Passports

7.4+ billion people. 200+ passports. One human race.

When you look at planet Earth from the far depths of our universe, you see it as one.

Then you look in closer and notice its land masses connected with one another as though they are all united. Some scatters of clouds, some patches of green, and a lot of vast deep blue oceans.  This is home.

But, the closer you get, the more evident become the borders and boundaries that separate us. 

There is much to discover on Earth; from majestic mountains to inspiring deserts, buzzing cities and enchanting forests, languages that sound like music (and others you rather mute), diversity, gastronomy, culture, art, history. It seems that there are no limits… but that all depends on what passport you’re holding. 

Transcending its mere representation, passports provide access to discovery, culture, landscape, adventure, language, history, and the full-experience of the world we live in. Our planet is a beautiful destination, and your passport is the ticket.

Use it wisely— or add another one that can take you where you wish! Limited to Planet Earth, of course. 

Let’s celebrate Earth Day by discovering it— where can your passport take you? 

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