Passport Index Takes the #10YearChallenge

It’s the start of 2019- and of course with a New Year comes new viral challenges that ‘break the internet’.

Introducing, the #10YearChallenge taking social media by storm, which features image collages of people 10 years earlier next to their recent image. Safe to say- the rise in popularity of aesthetic procedures have actually made many stand the test of time, while the most of us have clearly succumbed to the natural aging process. Clearly- a lot can change in 10 years! 

Ever since the challenge went viral, many versions have crept up from 10-year fitness before and after photos to drastic before and after gender changes. And we must admit, many of them are quite entertaining, but who says only people can change within a decade? 

The Passport Index created its own version, using the #1 Powerful Passport as its main source of inspiration, proving that even cities can undergo the biggest transformations! 

Here’s a look at Dubai in 2008, next to Dubai in 2018.  

Dubai, 2008

Dubai, 2018








As for their passports? Not that big of a difference in appearance… right? 

UAE Passport, 2009












But back in 2008, the UAE’s passport held a mere Visa-Free Score of 72, making them the 53rd most powerful passport.  By 2018, with a record-breaking score of 167, they proudly hold the #1 title!

What was the best #10YearChallenge you’ve seen so far? Comment below!

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