Passport Index Launches All-New Travel Visa Checker

The Passport Index allows passport holders all around the world to discover the beauty and diversity of passports— from their colours to their power of mobility.  

With their new interactive Travel Visa Checker, it has never been easier to discover if you require a visa prior to your trip. Simply select your passport and destination and get an instant response.  

Passport Index thrives on its data built from thorough inhouse research, crowdsourcing and official information provided by government agencies. As a real-time platform, data is updated daily and always seeks to ensure accuracy.  

Over the years, the Passport Index has become the first stop for world travelers to quickly and effortlessly verify if they need a visa,” said Armand Arton, President and Founder of the Passport Index. 

“I spend over 60 days per year in the air and I always rely on the Passport Index before I head onto my business or family trip,” added Arton. 

According to the WTTC, last year global travel and tourism grew 3.9 percent, above global GDP growth of 3.2 percent. This increase in travel and tourism will undoubtedly push agencies and governments to streamline their visa policies and explore ways to offer a seamless travel experience to travelers. Until then, world travelers have found another solution: investing in a second passport. 

People are now very sensitive on the power of their passport and where they can go without the need for visa. Many people with weak passports are investing in more powerful ones to improve their global mobility, granting them more freedom and saving them the time and hassle of visa applications. 

Currently, passport holders in the UAE benefit from the most freedom, having a Mobility Score of 176. Finland, Luxembourg, and Spain all come in second place with a score of 168.  

Want to know how you can invest in a second passport and improve your Global Mobility score? 

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