Yanko Tihov | Cold War Passport Map

Artist Yanko Tihov has created a stunning hand-finished map using passport covers of Contemporary Europe and Europe during the Cold War.

In his limited edition passport series, Tihov carefully matches and re-creates each cover within the correct national borders; hand-painting the texts and seals with real 24 carat gold, and finishes with a unique coat which beautifully reflects the light and enlivens the surface.

In this piece, named ‘Europe Contemporary – Cold War’, two maps have been combined to form a three dimensional lenticular print. As the observer changes their view point, the imagery moves between the different elements enhancing colour, imagery and depth of the maps.

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  • Scrupulous.Geographer

    Weird. It’s about the Cold War in Europe, and Russia is missing. As much as Putin wants to say that Russia is an Asian country (to justify his draconian rule), Russia is partly in Europe, it started off in Europe as a country and most Russians live in the European part of it.