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How much would you pay for unlimited first-class travel for the rest of your life? No, this isn’t a rhetorical question. And yes, it is possible, (or rather, it was).  Steve Rothstein, Mark Cuban, Jacques Vroom, are only a few of the timely opportunists who got their hands on the “unlimited AAirpass” granting them unlimited first-class

Governments of both states officially adopt visa-free access for their citizens for up to 90 days October 22, 2019 — The visa waiver signed between the Russian Federation and Antigua & Barbuda officially comes into force today, following nearly 30 years of diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and Antigua & Barbuda.  According to the agreement that

With its new visa policy, Saudi Arabia’s Welcoming Score speeds ahead of Canada and Australia.   According to The Passport Index, Saudi Arabia was one of the most unwelcoming nations in the world, giving access to merely 4 nations to cross their borders without needing a visa. These included Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.  With its

A statement from Sierra Leone's Internal Affairs Ministry announced a new visa policy to come in effect on September 5th, 2019. The Government of Sierra Leone announced its commitment to promote tourism and attract foreign direct investment (FDI) through a new visa policy. This new regime includes visa-free entry for citizens

The Passport Index allows passport holders all around the world to discover the beauty and diversity of passports— from their colours to their power of mobility.   With their new interactive Travel Visa Checker, it has never been easier to discover if you require a visa prior to your trip. Simply select your passport and destination and get an instant

As the negotiated visa waiver between South Africa and the UAE comes into force today, the UAE will grant its Emirati citizens access to nearly 90% of the world. With a new mobility score of 176, the UAE passport allows visa-free mobility to 116 countries, and visa-on-arrival to 60 countries. According to

South Africa is opening its borders to welcome more travellers for tourism and business. A country of outstanding diversity— from mystical safaris to vibrant cities— South Africa welcomes over 10 million international visitors across its borders every year, and they’ve just made it easier with new changes implemented within their travel

Laos launches eVisa for foreign travellers of all 198 nations—making it one of the most Welcoming Countries in the world. Traveling to Laos is easy if you are an Asian traveler- with direct flights available from major and low-cost airlines. However, if you are travelling from North America, Europe, or the

Forgot your passport at home? Not a problem—you don’t need it if you’re travelling between Canada and the Netherlands! You read that right. Through the implementation of biometric technology, people will be able to travel between the two countries strictly using their physical appearance as a form of identification. The project was

If you’ve always wanted to stroll around Saint Petersburg, discover Moscow, or bask in Lake Baikal, but haven't followed through because of the country’s long and tedious visa application process, we’ve got great news! President Vladimir Putin has signed a presidential order instructing the implementation of electronic visas (e-visa) to foreign visitors starting in 2021.  The e-visa

Ukraine’s passport is now more powerful than Russia’s due to a historic decision by the EU to grant citizens of

UK to have incredibly secure, durable, technically advanced, net-zero carbon footprint, blue passport. Gemalto, an international French-Dutch security company with

Tired of those long line-ups at the US-Canadian border? There is some hope on the horizon. The governments of both

It’s speedy. It’s lavish. It’s international. It’s the Formula 1. With 20 determined drivers racing across 21 nations worldwide, car

The European Commission is today proposing to the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament to lift the

All about dual citizenship, how to obtain a second citizenship, which passport to use when traveling, and other information and

The European Union has eliminated the visa requirement for Peruvians and Colombians who want to visit countries belonging to the open-border

Located in West Africa, the French-speaking nation of Benin is actually known to have one of Africa’s most safe and

The country’s first ever e-passport plant located here promises to process new Philippine passports in less than a day, even

At a press briefing President Donald Trump and Poland’s Presdient Andrzej Duda discussed a potential visa waiver for Poland citizens to enter the United States. According to the

The new age e-passports are expected to be rolled out in the country by 2016, a top official said in

Peruvian passport officials have said that the country plans to issue some 1.6 million biometric passports over a three-year period.