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Borders closed. Passports collected dust. Visa agreements evaporated. Global mobility fell off a cliff at the height of the pandemic, yet some countries withstood much better than others. What’s driving these changes? With the emergence of Covid-19 came an unprecedented onslaught of travel bans, border closures, temporary visa restrictions and quarantine

With Montenegro on track to enter the EU in the coming years, we expect the country’s passport power to see a significant boost. When it comes to increasing passport power and mobility, Montenegro and the greater Balkan region have incredible potential. Looking at a map of the European Union, there is

The 2021 Passport Index Global Mobility Report reveals what rock-bottom for global mobility looks like during a worldwide pandemic. The Passport Index was initially created to offer a deeper look into the world of global mobility — passport triumphs and downfalls, global ranking trends, unforeseen surprises, and everything in between. But

COVID-19 pushes US passport power ranking in a free dive October 30, 2020 — As it stands, America’s economy isn’t the only thing experiencing a considerable hit in 2020. The US passport, once reigning at the top of the world’s most powerful passports, is now content in 19th place, sharing its

New October data shows slow but steady growth. It comes as no surprise that Germany has been amongst the top 5 most powerful passports ranking for the last decade. But what makes a passport truly powerful is showing consistency amid volatile times. According to the Passport Index, Covid-19 pandemic shrank the World Openness

From January 1, 2021, foreigners of 52 countries will be able to enter Russia on an electronic visa, which will be issued online and free of charge. Waltzing through Saint Petersburg museums, snapping photos of the Kremlin and Red Square in Moscow, or taking nature strolls in mountainous Sochi — Russia

New platform updates as pandemic causes travel chaos. Amidst the global health crisis that crippled global travel, Passport Index, the leading mobility intelligence platform which measures the state of global mobility in real-time, has recently launched new updates. Currently, travel is chaos. Global mobility has reached an all-time low. And continuous changes

Declined World Openness Score and reshuffled Global Passport Power rankings show the staggering reality of global mobility during a pandemic. Evidently, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions to global mobility, hindering international travel and rendering passport powers to an all-time low. As countries progressively begin to reopen their borders and renew temporary visa bans, the Passport Index reveals new data on what rock-bottom for global mobility looks

The staggering changes in mobility as Coronavirus infects global passport power. The Covid-19 global pandemic has taken under siege all of humanity; infecting our way of life and challenging some of our greatest advancements. Including mobility.  From tightened visa regulations and border closures, the rapid spread of the virus has profoundly disrupted global mobility, as the pandemic sweeps through one continent at a

As a result of the current Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic which has affected over 210 countries and territories around the world, many governments have imposed travel restrictions and entry bans until the virus can be contained at a planetary level.   Travel Bans and Visa Revocations  Many countries have issued travel bans and have even revoked existing

As a result of the current Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic which has affected over 210 countries and territories around the world, many governments have

Effective May 1, 2017, Canada is extending visa-free travel to eligible citizens of Brazil, Bulgaria and Romania. Low-risk travellers from

According to the Passport Index Global Passport Power Rank 2017, the top 10 most powerful passports in 2017 are as

Temporary changes to the PNG visa policy results in big changes to The Passport Index’ ranking. In preparation of the Asia-Pacific Economic

The past month has seen some very interesting visa agreement updates around the world. Below, we highlight the most interesting

AUSTRALIANS may no longer be able to apply for a passport at the Post Office.

The country’s first ever e-passport plant located here promises to process new Philippine passports in less than a day, even

Arton Capital, the global financial advisory firm specializing in investor programs for residency and citizenship, launched the Passport Index, the

The electronic passport is said to [provide you with] “The freedom to travel in total security” by the manufacturer of

It’s speedy. It’s lavish. It’s international. It’s the Formula 1. With 20 determined drivers racing across 21 nations worldwide, car

Producing biometric passports requires being fully compliant with international standards and norms, and needs to be manufactured in highly secure

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