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New October data shows slow but steady growth. It comes as no surprise that Germany has been amongst the top 5 most powerful passports ranking for the last decade. But what makes a passport truly powerful is showing consistency amid volatile times. According to the Passport Index, Covid-19 pandemic shrank the World Openness

From January 1, 2021, foreigners of 52 countries will be able to enter Russia on an electronic visa, which will be issued online and free of charge. Waltzing through Saint Petersburg museums, snapping photos of the Kremlin and Red Square in Moscow, or taking nature strolls in mountainous Sochi — Russia

New platform updates as pandemic causes travel chaos. Amidst the global health crisis that crippled global travel, Passport Index, the leading mobility intelligence platform which measures the state of global mobility in real-time, has recently launched new updates. Currently, travel is chaos. Global mobility has reached an all-time low. And continuous changes

Declined World Openness Score and reshuffled Global Passport Power rankings show the staggering reality of global mobility during a pandemic. Evidently, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions to global mobility, hindering international travel and rendering passport powers to an all-time low. As countries progressively begin to reopen their borders and renew temporary visa bans, the Passport Index reveals new data on what rock-bottom for global mobility looks

The staggering changes in mobility as Coronavirus infects global passport power. The Covid-19 global pandemic has taken under siege all of humanity; infecting our way of life and challenging some of our greatest advancements. Including mobility.  From tightened visa regulations and border closures, the rapid spread of the virus has profoundly disrupted global mobility, as the pandemic sweeps through one continent at a

As a result of the current Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic which has affected over 210 countries and territories around the world, many governments have imposed travel restrictions and entry bans until the virus can be contained at a planetary level.   Travel Bans and Visa Revocations  Many countries have issued travel bans and have even revoked existing

Innovative platform experience now accessible at your fingertips. Passport Index unveils a new mobile app to revolutionize access and personalize consumption of mobility intelligence. Announced at the Global Citizen Forum Lounge in Davos, this new tool promises to enable travellers from across the world to travel more, and travel smarter. Invented by

The wait is over. You can now download the phenomenal Passport Index Mobile App to unleash your travel freedom and enable your global mobility.   Passport Index Mobile App benefits: Highly personal global mobility experience at your fingertips Add your passport(s) and discover your Global Mobility Score See which of your passports

The Rise of the freedom seekers. This past decade, our planet has witnessed the rise of many new trends and the unfortunate fall of past triumphs. But when it comes to the world of global mobility— positive democracy and increasing value in Passport Power— the 2010s truly left a lasting mark. According

Emiratis celebrate one year of travelling with the most powerful passport in the world.   Dubai, UAE, Dec 1, 2019 – The UAE passport continues to lead with the most powerful in the world; as measured by the Passport Index, the leading real-time mobility intelligence platform. With a Mobility Score of 178, Emiratis now enjoy visa-free or visa on arrival to 90%

The UAE's awe-inspiring vision and commitment create a modern yet sustainable nation with their advanced technology and opulent buildings which

It’s the start of 2019- and of course with a New Year comes new viral challenges that ‘break the internet’. Introducing, the

The foreign ministry in Japan has announced plans to issue passports in an entirely new design, but its inspiration goes

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes dual-nationality-global-citizen-baby boy in a royal baby carriage. It's a boy! Or more accurately,

As recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization, over 100 countries, including the United States, France and the United Kingdom,

All about dual citizenship, how to obtain a second citizenship, which passport to use when traveling, and other information and

Effective March 22, 2017, citizens of the United Arab Emirates may travel visa-free to Armenia for a period of 180

South Africa is opening its borders to welcome more travellers for tourism and business. A country of outstanding diversity— from mystical

The passports developed by our experts meet specific governmental requirements. The different layers of security are designed end developed by

It’s speedy. It’s lavish. It’s international. It’s the Formula 1. With 20 determined drivers racing across 21 nations worldwide, car

Passport Power Initiative showcases stunning results way ahead of schedule Montreal, December 03, 2018 - The United Arab Emirates celebrated another

Forgot your passport at home? Not a problem—you don’t need it if you’re travelling between Canada and the Netherlands! You