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Effective April 16, 2017, Ukraine is offering visa-on-arrival travel to 19 nations around the world, reflecting an openness to a wealth of cultures and people. The visa-waiver agreements come as Ukraine itself is on the cusp of securing visa-free travel with the EU, a development set to come into effect

Effective April 16, 2017, Singapore is tied with Germany for first place in the Global Passport Power Rank 2017. Ukraine has extended visa-on-arrival travel to passport holders of Singapore for periods of 15 days, increasing Singapore’s total visa-free score to 159 from 158, effectively making Singapore’s passport as powerful as

As of April 13, 2017, citizens of Hong Kong can travel visa-free to Benin for a period of 14 days. This increase in Hong Kong’s global mobility pushes the territory’s visa-free score up to 141 from 140 and its Global Passport Power Rank to 17 from 18. China and Benin, a

Dezeen Announces Winner of Passport Design Competition Leading architecture and design magazine Dezeen has announced the winner of its unofficial Brexit passport design competition. The jury selected a design that represents the country’s transition away from the EU, with the cover depicting the signature dark blue of the UK’s pre-EU passport

The leading online architecture and design magazine Dezeen has revealed its shortlist for its unofficial post-Brexit passport design competition, calling for a new UK passport. The competition’s judges shortlisted nine very interesting entries, each of which highlights an aspect of the British identity or a theme that the new passport

Effective March 22, 2017, citizens of the United Arab Emirates may travel visa-free to Armenia for a period of 180 days per year. The increase in global mobility means the UAE’s passport now has a visa-free score of 125, up from 124. Its Global Passport Power Rank also increases to 28th

As of April 1, 2017, Cyprus, Italy, Azerbaijan, Mali and Cameroon now have visa-free access to India, making Cyprus and Italy the only countries in Europe to have that privilege. The move increases the global mobility of the five countries by one, giving them new visa-free scores as follows: Cyprus: 148

According to the Passport Index Global Passport Power Rank 2017, the 10 least powerful passports in 2017 are as follows: Afghanistan - visa-free score: 24 Pakistan - visa-free score: 27 Iraq - visa-free score: 28 Syria - visa-free score: 31 Somalia - visa-free score: 33 Sudan - visa-free score: 37

According to the Passport Index Global Passport Power Rank 2017, the top 10 most powerful passports in 2017 are as follows: Germany - visa-free score: 159 Singapore - visa-free score: 159 Sweden - visa-free score: 158 Denmark - visa-free score: 157 Finland - visa-free score: 157 Italy - visa-free score:

Russia and South Africa have officially signed a visa waiver agreement that will allow their citizens to visit each other’s countries visa-free for 90 days every year. With this increase in global mobility both countries have increased their visa-free scores, which is the number of countries each passport allows visa-free or

The US passport is getting updated with new security measures to protect against any modern day fraud attempts.

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During a ministerial meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, Saint Kitts & Nevis Minister

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The European Commission proposed on Wednesday to lift the EU’s visa requirements for Turkish citizens.

A new Latvian passport was introduced to the public on 28 January 2015. The passport contains 34 pages and the

Migrations signed a contract confirming they will issue up to 1,200,000 biometric passport.

Tired of those long line-ups at the US-Canadian border? There is some hope on the horizon. The governments of both

As part of the government's efforts to cut down on fraud and forgery, updated security features will be unveiled later

Orlando International Airport is the first U.S. airport to add facial recognition to its automated passport control (APC) kiosks.

Each year, Santa Claus spends two nights flying around the world delivering Christmas presents to good little boys and girls.

A new passport is launched every 5 years and the theme for the latest version is ‘creative United Kingdom’.