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An important milestone for Croatians to be able to travel to the US for business and tourism, without the need for a visa.  February 18, 2020 — As of later this year, Croatians will officially have the right to travel to the USA without a visa.   Throughout the past three years, authorities in Croatia have committed to joining

New changes to citizenship laws could grant select foreigners the coveted Emirati citizenship. The UAE passport — which prior to the pandemic, reigned as the World's Most Powerful Passport, was also one of the most difficult, or rather impossible, passports to get ahold of as a foreigner. Although distinct citizenship laws were

Promises a future of unity and global acceptance Within less than several hours since taking office, America’s new President Biden made some important executive decisions concerning the nation’s travel and immigration legislations. This includes signing an immediate order to end the ban on travelers from several majority-Muslim countries, which was first

The pandemic revealed a disconnect when it comes to reliable, timely visa intelligence. But the Passport Index fills the void as a centralized source of updated visa requirements. During the pandemic, borders opened and closed by the hour. Visa restrictions fluctuated by the minute. And in the wake of ever-shifting policies,

The COVID-19 pandemic has grounded travelers and crippled economies, but it hasn’t stopped innovation. As the world maps out a road to recovery, here are 10 predictions for what travel might look like in the next decade.   1. AI soars into aviation With the Fourth Industrial Revolution upon us, we do

Borders closed. Passports collected dust. Visa agreements evaporated. Global mobility fell off a cliff at the height of the pandemic, yet some countries withstood much better than others. What’s driving these changes? With the emergence of Covid-19 came an unprecedented onslaught of travel bans, border closures, temporary visa restrictions and quarantine

With Montenegro on track to enter the EU in the coming years, we expect the country’s passport power to see a significant boost. When it comes to increasing passport power and mobility, Montenegro and the greater Balkan region have incredible potential. Looking at a map of the European Union, there is

The 2021 Passport Index Global Mobility Report reveals what rock-bottom for global mobility looks like during a worldwide pandemic. The Passport Index was initially created to offer a deeper look into the world of global mobility — passport triumphs and downfalls, global ranking trends, unforeseen surprises, and everything in between. But

COVID-19 pushes US passport power ranking in a free dive October 30, 2020 — As it stands, America’s economy isn’t the only thing experiencing a considerable hit in 2020. The US passport, once reigning at the top of the world’s most powerful passports, is now content in 19th place, sharing its

New October data shows slow but steady growth. It comes as no surprise that Germany has been amongst the top 5 most powerful passports ranking for the last decade. But what makes a passport truly powerful is showing consistency amid volatile times. According to the Passport Index, Covid-19 pandemic shrank the World Openness

St. Lucia is set to become the fifth Eastern Caribbean nation to introduce a Citizenship by Investment programme, and the

AUSTRALIANS may no longer be able to apply for a passport at the Post Office.

The past month has seen some very interesting visa agreement updates around the world. Below, we highlight the most interesting

The leading online architecture and design magazine Dezeen has revealed its shortlist for its unofficial post-Brexit passport design competition, calling

Declined World Openness Score and reshuffled Global Passport Power rankings show the staggering reality of global mobility during a pandemic. Evidently, the Covid-19 pandemic has

A passport is not only a traveling document, but it can represent who you are, and how people view (or

The country’s first ever e-passport plant located here promises to process new Philippine passports in less than a day, even

I have excellent news! I have officially been granted my Latvian Citizenship, which now makes me a dual citizen of

Ever wonder who is responsible for printing your country’s passport? Below we’ve compiled a list of every country in the

The passport is a bizarre and unique object. Think about it: The goal is to put it in the hands

New changes to citizenship laws could grant select foreigners the coveted Emirati citizenship. The UAE passport — which prior to the

The images on pages of the new passport document reflect centuries-long history of Ukraine and promote patriotism and love for