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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes dual-nationality-global-citizen-baby boy in a royal baby carriage. It's a boy! Or more accurately, it's the seventh-in-line to the British throne and Queen Elizabeth II’s eighth great-grandchild, who is also the first multi-racial British royal in centuries. And unlike the usual, "What's his name?",

7.4+ billion people. 200+ passports. One human race. When you look at planet Earth from the far depths of our universe, you see it as one. Then you look in closer and notice its land masses connected with one another as though they are all united. Some scatters of clouds, some patches of green, and a

You probably didn’t know this— but you could visit China for up to 6 days without needing a visa! We’re serious. We’ve found a hack. For those who have always dreamt of visiting Beijing, Shanghai, or any major Chinese city; you no longer have to worry about applying for a visa.

If you are worried that you might need a visa to travel to Europe, this article is for you! What we know so far: There are currently 62 countries who are not in the EU, but can travel to the EU visa-free. What has changed: To reduce procedures and wait times, as

Did you know that New Zealand is one of the few countries which experience nearly as many visitors as it has citizens? Each year nearly four million travellers descend upon the South Pacific paradise of New Zealand, also known as one of the Top five destinations for adventure seekers, beachgoers and

With the aim of boosting tourism, effective summer 2019 Brazil opens its borders  Stretching from the Amazon Basin in the north, to the majestic Iguaçu Falls in the south, Brazil is one of the most diverse and exciting destinations for tourists looking to experience a world of wonder. Luckily for passport holders from

A new Pakistan shone on the global podium this week, as Prime Minister Imran Khan announced exciting new changes to the country’s visa policies.   As of this week, tourists seeking to obtain visas to Pakistan will be able to do so within the comforts of their home through a new online visa system available

Uncovering the fascination of a borderless island where France and Netherlands meet. There are 50 shades of blue that decorate the illustrious island of Saint Martin, or rather referred to as either St. Marteen, or Sint Maarten. But what’s with the 50 shades of nicknames? Though this is not widely known,

It’s the start of 2019- and of course with a New Year comes new viral challenges that ‘break the internet’. Introducing, the #10YearChallenge taking social media by storm, which features image collages of people 10 years earlier next to their recent image. Safe to say- the rise in popularity of aesthetic procedures have actually made many stand the

Passport Power Initiative showcases stunning results way ahead of schedule Montreal, December 03, 2018 - The United Arab Emirates celebrated another monumental milestone in its history as its passport took the lead with a record-breaking score in the Global Passport Power Ranking. According to The Passport Index, the interactive real-time ranking platform,

Arton Capital, the global financial advisory firm specializing in investor programs for residency and citizenship, launched the Passport Index, the

Here are nine impressive, surprising and vital facts about U.S. passports.

Already ranked 4th, UAE is on the right path to claim the top honors.  The United Arab Emirates’ positive diplomacy, focus and determination

According to the Passport Index Global Passport Power Rank 2017, the top 10 most powerful passports in 2017 are as

Temporary changes to the PNG visa policy results in big changes to The Passport Index’ ranking. In preparation of the Asia-Pacific Economic

As recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization, over 100 countries, including the United States, France and the United Kingdom,

As part of Uzbekistan’s efforts to promote tourism in their country, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev announced exciting changes to their visa

Today, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister John McCallum introduced legislation to amend the Citizenship Act, providing greater flexibility for applicants

Visa-Free entry into Russia is possible with a click of a button for foreign FIFA World Cup fans.    Home to 12.3 million residents, over 130 nationalities, three international airports,

Producing biometric passports requires being fully compliant with international standards and norms, and needs to be manufactured in highly secure

A new Pakistan shone on the global podium this week, as Prime Minister Imran Khan announced exciting new changes to the country’s visa

Gaining the world’s most visa waivers in 2017, is only just the beginning. Montreal, June 1, 2018 – With a sparkling