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The Metaverse may sound like a novel idea from a science fiction novel. But as it edges closer to becoming a reality, could this borderless Metaverse impact how we view freedom of movement in the physical realm?   If you’re interested in technology, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the term

Planes, trains, automobiles and — autonomous passenger drones? When it comes to new travel technologies, the past 20 years have brought us a fascinating list of innovations that are constantly changing how we live and move through the world. From increasingly secure border crossings to real-time language tools and breakthroughs

World Openness Score reaches near pre-pandemic levels as borders continue to reopen. You can finally expel a sigh of relief after nearly two years of watching the rise and fall of the Passport Index’ acclaimed World Openness Score (WOS) — one of the most accurate real-time data of the world’s mobility

For such a tiny document, you’d be amazed how many security features modern passports contain. Here’s why more countries are choosing to invest in passport security. Passports are usually small enough to tuck into a back pocket, but don’t let their unassuming nature fool you. These compact travel documents are packed

From adapting to new geographical boundaries to shifting cultural values, these six countries had excellent reasons to update their flag designs over the years. Flags are one of the most important symbols of national identity. Not only do they represent entire countries – and the cultures, languages, and communities within them

From breathtaking hidden artwork to floating kangaroos and a galloping moose, the world’s most beautiful passports showcase their own unique looks. But they share two things in common: unparalleled levels of security and mobility. Although utilitarian in purpose – a means to cross borders, move freely, and access a better quality

Reflecting dual citizenship trends worldwide, Olympians have found more mobility, freedom and opportunity by holding more than one passport. Every four years, the Olympics bring together the best athletes on the planet to celebrate perseverance, dreams, hard work and human potential. Athletes, delegates and supporters alike don their country’s national colors,

From biblical times to biometric technology, the paper passport has become increasingly sophisticated and secure over the decades. It has also come to represent safety and citizenship, freedom and status. In a progressively open world where international mobility was booming pre-COVID-19, passports are an all-too-familiar part of the travel experience. Hundreds

As the Omicron variant sweeps across the globe, we examine the 2021 Passport Index results and the trajectory of World Openness.  It’s been a turbulent two years for global mobility. In just the past month alone, news of the Omicron variant has flooded news feeds, grounded thousands of flights and

Freedom of movement. Human rights. Enhanced international cooperation. Seamless border crossings. Visa-free agreements are essential tools for a more just, collaborative and open world. From the Silk Road to the fall of the Berlin Wall, freedom of movement has laid the foundations for modern history, shaping how we live, think, and

The Imprimerie Nationale Group and Gemalto have started issuing the first personalised Peruvian ePassports. The companies were jointly awarded a

Already ranked 4th, UAE is on the right path to claim the top honors.  The United Arab Emirates’ positive diplomacy, focus and determination

According to a report published by the Iranian media, citizens of Turkey, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bolivia, Egypt and Syria can

Passport Index is now accessible on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, and its award-winning web portal. The Passport Index is

President Abdulla Yameen launched last night the new biometric Maldivian e-passport and automated e-gate service at the international airport.

Dezeen Announces Winner of Passport Design Competition Leading architecture and design magazine Dezeen has announced the winner of its unofficial Brexit

For such a tiny document, you’d be amazed how many security features modern passports contain. Here’s why more countries are

The crush of renewals comes as the result of a surge of Americans seeking to travel abroad, and the 10-year

Effective May 10, 2017, the small African island nation of Sao Tome and Principe has opened up its borders to

As of April 1, 2017, Cyprus, Italy, Azerbaijan, Mali and Cameroon now have visa-free access to India, making Cyprus and

The technologies used to produce more secure passports are ever so sophisticated, from the ink used, quality of paper, watermark,

As the negotiated visa waiver between South Africa and the UAE comes into force today, the UAE will grant its