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Freedom of movement. Human rights. Enhanced international cooperation. Seamless border crossings. Visa-free agreements are essential tools for a more just, collaborative and open world. From the Silk Road to the fall of the Berlin Wall, freedom of movement has laid the foundations for modern history, shaping how we live, think, and

As the UAE opens its doors to the world for the start of EXPO Dubai 2020, the Passport Index Q4 report revealed the UAE passport’s triumph back up to 1st place in addition to a 14.8% cumulative increase in the World Openness Score (WOS). While the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic

Dominica is amongst the first islands in the Caribbean to launch its official biometric passport, allowing citizens to travel more safely, efficiently, and seamlessly. “The most important aspect in our border security improvement is our migration from the machine-readable passport; our e-passport or biometric passport is almost counterfeit-proof,” shared Dominica’s Minister

US Bounces Back as Q3 Global Passport Rankings Revealed amid global Covid restrictions ease  Biden administration’s nationwide vaccination roll out sees confidence return and US passport ranking up 16 places to third Passport Index places New Zealand as the most powerful passport in mid-2021 UAE is 3rd globally and highest-ranking

As the race to develop standardized vaccine passports speeds ahead, we take a look at how these certifications are taking shape. Vaccine certifications are far from a novel concept. For decades, travelers have carried proof of inoculations against malaria, diphtheria and yellow fever in the form of a small yellow vaccination

Spurred by COVID-19 and an urge to restore global mobility, contactless biometric immigration channels are emerging as the gold standard for border control. You’re likely used to glancing at a camera to unlock your phone, pay for coffee or access banking apps. But what if you could do the same at

The pandemic has been a significant disruptor on multiple levels, displacing millions and inspiring many more to reconsider dual citizenship. Conflict and uncertainty – be it economic, political, environmental, or pandemics – have historically triggered mass migrations. In the years following World War II, the Cultural Revolution, the Vietnam War and

Friday, April 2nd, 2021 —The Passport Index Q1 Report for 2021 uncovers the real-time state of global mobility in a standstill, as governments continue to further implement safety and security protocols to make travel a more seamless and responsible experience moving forward. 2020 was the year of lost travel plans. Prompting

Passport Index is now accessible on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, and its award-winning web portal. The Passport Index is the world’s most popular platform to explore and rank passports. Following the incredible success and acclaim for its iOS mobile app — the unmatched passport experience is now available on

An important milestone for Croatians to be able to travel to the US for business and tourism, without the need for a visa.  February 18, 2020 — As of later this year, Croatians will officially have the right to travel to the USA without a visa.   Throughout the past three years, authorities in Croatia have committed to joining

Paraguay helps Singapore overtake Germany for the top spot. Montreal, October 24, 2017 – Paraguay removed visa requirements for Singaporeans, propelling

The Ukrainian government has announced that biometric passport applications will be accepted from next week. The documents will be valid

The past month has seen some very interesting visa agreement updates around the world. Below, we highlight the most interesting

A new Latvian passport was introduced to the public on 28 January 2015. The passport contains 34 pages and the

The passport of Grenada has received another significant boost to its ranking in Arton Capital’s Passport Index, following the visa

I was born in the US but both of my parents are from Germany, so I’m incredibly fortunate to be

While looking for my own passport I started thinking about the Swiss passports I saw at the hotel when I

During a ministerial meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, Saint Kitts & Nevis Minister

President Abdulla Yameen launched last night the new biometric Maldivian e-passport and automated e-gate service at the international airport.

The beauty of passports lies way beyond its shape and form, but the boundaries it opens quite literally, to each

A new passport is launched every 5 years and the theme for the latest version is ‘creative United Kingdom’.

EU-USA “visa war” may damage the US passport's power and value. The recently heightened diplomatic tensions between the US and the